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With Personal Coach, our trainers provide a systematic plan for developing endurance, strength and cardiovascular health, and are committed to guiding and supporting our clients. The goal of our training program is to give clients a quality workout that makes efficient use of your time.



Our head trainer, Jim Mills, developed the Personal Coach training program through years of experience training and coaching. Personal Coach combines periodization and super-set training to stimulate muscle confusion. Every two weeks we change your weights and repetitions, working in all areas of muscle development, from muscular endurance to muscular strength.

New clients receive an initial fitness assessment, for which you need an appointment. After the assessment, Jim puts a personalized plan together, and the trainers set the weight machines and give you a basic introduction to the fitness center. After that initial assessment, no appointment is necessary. Simply come in anytime during business hours, and the trainer on staff will pull out your information and walk you through your workout. In the rare instances when there are several clients at once, the trainers will coordinate the flow through the fitness center so no one has to wait on machines.



Jim Mills

  • Health Fitness Instructor, ACSM

  • Fitness Specialist, Institute for Aerobic Research

  • Warsaw HS Cross Country Head Coach

  • USATF Level 2 Coach

Personal Training

Private training with our skilled professionals. Our trainers will assist clients in modifying exercises to their fitness level. Private cardiovascular, weight training, & stretching routines given to optimize results. 


Kelly Britton



$59/hour Private Training Rate

  • Giverny Fitness Studio Owner, Trainer, & Group Fitness Instructor

  • Experienced ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, 2009

  • MS Occupational Therapy, 1997

  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach



Katrina Archer



$45/hour Private Training Rate

  • ACSM Certified, 2017

  • Corebar Certified, 2016

  • Bachelor's in Exercise Science
  • Extensive background in coaching, fitness & wellness


Makayla Burtner

$45/hour Private Training Rate

-ACE Certified, 2018

-Exercise Science Major, Grace College


Fit for Life Small Group Training

Private training mindful of your budget!

Benefit from Katrina's outstanding experience & knowledge in our new small group training sessions beginning in Oct 2018!

Personalized, individual attention + small group accountability - a fraction of the cost of private training. 


CLICK BELOW TO SIGN-UP for Katrina's small group training & begin in October!

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