We're pretty great. Everybody says so.

  • "The team at Giverny Fitness Studio has been AMAZING to work with!"

  • Great gym & classes! I also love the daycare ladies & their kids!"

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Megan is a certified Zumba instructor & has been instructing Zumba with us since our opening day in 2009. Her passion for dance in her teen years has carried on into adult life, giving her a fun way to stay in shape & gain some "me time". Megan & her husband have 3 sons, Cale, Evan, & Beau, and a new baby girl, Chloe.  Why does she stick with Zumba? "It tricks you into working out! Zumba is more fun than any other workout I've done, so I never feel like it's a chore! Burning calories is just an added benefit!"
Giverny is my 2nd home and 2nd family! I have taught body sculpt since we opened in March 2009 and still enjoy teaching as much as when I started. I love to help others gain muscle and endurance and lead healthier lifestyles. I also enjoy lifting at Personal Coach. You can take classes and be a part of Personal Coach- great combination! I live in Warsaw, am married, and have 3 kids ages 11, 7, and 5. I work at DePuy in Digital Security. I hope to see you soon whether it be in Body Sculpt or one of our other amazing classes!
(Showing 1 - 15 of 21)