Katrina Archer

Katrina Archer instructs the following:
  • Corebar Vital
  • This is a lower impact option of Corebar. You can get in shape without running & jumping! A special focus is made on relaxation at the end of this great class. The intensity is easily adjusted by the participants themselves, just as in the Corebar Fit class, but Corebar Vital focuses more on the gentler approach to your knees and joints. It targets everyone, even those who are in good to very good shape, as a perfect recovery class!

  • HIIT:30
  • High Intensity Interval Training in 30-minute sessions with short bursts of cardiovascular exercise followed by short bursts of less-intense recovery periods. High intensity does not mean high impact! Modifications provided. Easy to follow, repetitive movements. Begin at any level and work your way up!
    Sign-up option for 4-6 week sessions (length of session depending upon various factors in our schedule/season).
    HIIT training is efficient, great for weight loss, and ignites ongoing calorie burning throughout the day.  Each session includes 2 days/week with a bonus session available on Saturday at 10:30.  This bonus class is provides an option for a missed class or an added 3rd session that week.  

    Accountability Benefits: camaraderie, private online discussion group, motivation & sense of fellowship from peers!  

  • Lifelong
  • An introductory exercise class that is 45 minutes of low-impact cardio created for the beginner or plus-sized individual. Build cardio & endurance slowly with safe, easy-to-follow moves. No floor work - all standing abdominal work that is incorporated throughout the class.

  • Corebar Fit
  • An intermediate intensity cardio & core class where we pay special attention to fun movement & flexibility in combination with core & strength exercises. This class could be described as energetic, dynamic, with smaller amounts of cardio training that can be modified. You'll get the cardio you desire with the strengthening you need, all in a way that you can modify yourself!