Abby Turner

Abby Turner instructs the following:
  • Body Sculpt
  • This class focuses on rebuilding or maintaining the muscular strength that is lost through the natural aging process. A pure strengthening class using a variety of equipment to burn fat and promote muscular endurance. The entire body is strengthened with modifying cues for the beginner to advanced.

  • HIIT:30
  • High Intensity Interval Training in 30-minute sessions with short bursts of cardiovascular exercise followed by short bursts of less-intense recovery periods. High intensity does not mean high impact! Modifications provided. Easy to follow, repetitive movements. Begin at any level and work your way up!
    Sign-up option for 4-6 week sessions (length of session depending upon various factors in our schedule/season).
    HIIT training is efficient, great for weight loss, and ignites ongoing calorie burning throughout the day.  Each session includes 2 days/week with a bonus session available on Saturday at 10:30.  This bonus class is provides an option for a missed class or an added 3rd session that week.  

    Accountability Benefits: camaraderie, private online discussion group, motivation & sense of fellowship from peers!